Managing Your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Please note - any deliveries that have already been paid for will be delivered. If you prefer to cancel immediately and you are within the cut off periods (up to 2pm on Mondays for Wednesday deliveries and up to 2pm on Thursdays for Sunday deliveries) you can opt to 'skip' deliveries. Your Dishy account will be credited with the cost of that delivery.

If you are within the same day of our order/amendment cut offs please get in touch with us [email protected] and we can effect the skip for you.

Beyond this period - where meals are now in prep - you can opt to divert your delivery to a friend or family member. Just let us know their delivery address prior to 11am on Wednesday or Sunday.


We deliver across all of County Dublin.

We also offer the option for collection at our fitness studio in Dublin 2.

Our deliveries usually take place between 2pm and 9pm.

Each delivery day you will receive a text with a tracking link which will indicate your expected delivery time.

How to Contact

Email us at [email protected] or call 01-6761921.

You can also WhatsApp us: 0879337724


Where you commit to 2 weeks, or more, your subscription payment occurs once weekly.

The Meals

Your Dishy delivery will arrive perfectly fresh and ready to be used right away. No defrosting or waiting required.

You can opt to freeze many of our breakfasts, our soups and all of our dinners.